Energy and hydration are the goal of the hospitality committee. It's vitally important that our students maintain a high level of hydration and healthy caloric intake - especially when performing in the warmer months or extreme conditions. 

Fortunately, the FBHS Band has plenty of generous patrons who donate snack foods, and prepared meals to help keep our band fed.

This group works on acquiring sponsors for pre-game and camp meals, coordinating donations from parents and other partners, and serving the band during events.


Special events like our concert receptions and awards night are also aided by this group.


Lynn Nelms


Volunteer Opportunities

Home Football Games: pre-game snack station with water and healthy nibbles

Away Football Games: coordinate and serve pre-game meal before busses depart every away game, water after the show during early games when the weather is hot

Marching Competitions: water, hot chocolate and pre-packaged snacks


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