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2018 Band Camp 

Greetings Everyone,

Band Camp is this week. Here is the daily schedule for Monday through Thursday:

7:00 - Grab and Go Breakfast (Thank you Ashly Huss and Liz Elizabeth Clark Coolidge)
7:30 - Full Group on field for basics and drill (depending on the level of the heat, the start time could be adjusted throughout the week)
10:30 - Every go into caption warm ups
11:45 - Lunch 
12:30pm - 3:15pm - Rehearsal with sectional clinicians
3:30pm - Music Ensemble with percussion and horns in the band room
4:00 - 6:00 - Dinner break (studnets are welcome to go home if possible to rest, shower, etc. Report back at 6:00pm
6:00 - 6:30 - evening activity
6:30 - Full Ensemble (including front ensemble) on practice field.
9:00 - Rehearsal ends

Here is the schedule for Friday:

Everything is the same through dinner
6:00 - Report to practice field for final rehearsal
8:00pm - Friends and family performance on the practice field. Everyone is invited.

We are doing this on Friday evening this year since we don;t have SCV coming. This was we are all free to go home Friday evening.

As always, the schedule is subject to adjustment throughout the week. I will make every effort to keep you informed throughout my remind account as well as facebook.

I also want to thank Jennifer Meek Anderson, Ashly Huss, and the many parents who are working to help us make this week successful and safe for the students.

Feel free to stop at any time this week to see what is happening with the students progress!!!!!!!

Thank you to all of you!  Your generosity and support are very much appreciated and... Go Falcons!!

Thank you to all of you!  Your generosity and support are very much appreciated and... Go Falcons!!

2018 Band Camp Menu

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Frequently Asked  Questions

Band camp is an intense two week mission with multiple goals. One goal is to make great progress toward learning the season’s show before the school year begins. It is also intended to instill the sense of teamwork and camaraderie that is needed to build a great marching band. Although band camp is long days and hard work, students also believe it is a fun and rewarding experience.

The band has one field show it will perform during each season. The marching element is quite intricate; the music is challenging. The primary activities of band camp are to “blockout” the marching drills ,practice the music, and put marching and music together. 

The Marching Band Camp occurs in July. Attendance to this camp is mandatory for participation in the Falcon Marching Band.

What should I plan to eat?


Eat a good breakfast at home before you arrive at camp every day OR try our NEW 2018 Band Camp Breakfast (FREE). It is vitally important that you do not start practice on an empty stomach. Your lunch is provided each day of full band camp. Lunch will be served in the school cafeteria and will include a healthy balanced meal with fruits and veggies. Snacks will be provided through the day including fresh fruit, veggies and granola bars. Water will be available all day. You may bring additional snacks and drinks to eat during your break. Please avoid carbonated beverages and sugary snacks. There is no refrigeration available for students during camp. A dinner break is provided, you may go home to eat or participate in a food order made by the band officers - everyone pays for their own dinner.

What about the weather?


The primary activities alternate between inside and outside. Therefore, rain would typically not cause any rehearsal cancellations; the band moves to inside activities.


Will my student get a break during camp?


There is a two hour beak in the middle of the day for students to rest, go home, shower or stay at school to relax with a movie in the band room. They are responsible for their dinner during this time. There will also be breaks given throughout the day for hydration.

What should my student bring to camp?


• Instrument/Equipment (includes mouthpiece, reeds, oils, etc.)

​• Pencils

• Personal Water Bottle labeled with your name (provided to all first year members)

What if it is too hot to be outside?


The band staff is keenly aware of the challenges that come with the heat that is common during the summer in Georgia. The band has multiple parent volunteers with medical expertise, and there is always a parent on duty during camp. At the marching practice field, water is provided, though students may supply their own; there are frequent breaks with shade available. Fans and mist tents (when needed) are also provided during breaks. Volunteers do go onto the field if they suspect a student is not looking well to evaluate the student. You can help prevent some of the problems caused by the sun and heat if you assure that your child takes some reasonable precautions.


As per Hall County regulations ,a heat index monitor will be on the field during all outdoor rehearsals. If the heat reaches a pre-determined level that is not safe for outdoor practice, everyone will be moved indoors to a climate controlled area. Otherwise, weather should not change our practice schedule since rehearsals can he held inside or outside, rain would typically not cause a cancellation.

What should I do before arriving at band camp?


• Drink plenty of fluids the night before (avoid carbonated beverages)
• Wear light colored clothing
• Don’t wear jeans or other longpants
• Bring a cooler with your own additional drinks (Gatorade and water is best)
• Wear sun screen
• Bring a hat or visor
• Bring sunglasses
• Bring insect repellent

How do you monitor the heat index?


As a part of their marching band fee, all new members will be provided with a water cooler. Returning members should already have their cooler from the previous year. If they don’t one may be purchased for a total of $20. The BPA does provide hand towels and a misting tent at the camp site for use by all students.

Practice makes perfect, or so the saying goes. In order to perform a show that is both entertaining and technically difficult, the marching band begins its season before school even lets out for the summer. Preparation for the fall marching season takes place in five phases: 

Tuesday Technicals - held each afternoon during the summer prior to band camp to help students perfect their technical skills, stance, and basic musical foundation

Percussion & Guard - these units begin their rehearsal ahead of the full band in order to perfect their portions of the show that are independent of the band's field drill

Pre-Camp - a week of sectional and full band rehearsals of the music for the field show where students learn songs and prepare for the field

Band Camp - a week of day long practice with sectionals and full band where the music meets the drill and a fabulous field show is born right before our eyes

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